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New Education Policy 2020: Stress of board examinations will end, announcement of easing of 10th and 12th board examinations

New Education Policy 2020 Stress of board examinations will end

The biggest relief for the millions of students and parents in the new national education policy is the announcement to make the board exams of class 10th and 12th easy. Students are always under pressure regarding board exams and depend on coaching to get more marks. But in the future, they can get freedom from it.

New Education Policy 2020
New Education Policy 2020

In the new education policy, bets on board examinations will be less. It states that the real abilities and abilities of students will be tested in the board examinations. The board examination will no longer be on the questions written by the students. The policy states that various boards will prepare viable models of board examinations in the coming times. Such as annual, semester, and modular board examinations. Board exams can be in two parts or in two ways, such as objective and explanatory.

Education Policy 2020
Education Policy 2020

Giving details of the new education policy, School Education Secretary Anita Karwal said that there are many suggestions for changes in board examinations. Such as doing twice a year, dividing the two parts into objective and statistical categories, etc. The main focus of the board examination will be on the knowledge test. So that the tendency of rote students is over. Under the new policy, examinations will also be held in classes three, five, and eighth. While the 10th and 12th board examinations will continue in changed format.

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