Home News New Changes in Test Cricket; Spitting fine,Substitute with conidial symptoms

New Changes in Test Cricket; Spitting fine,Substitute with conidial symptoms

New Changes in Test Cricket
New Changes in Test Cricket

During the Covid era, the sport was really closed. When you restart matches, everything will not look old. Precautions are essential to avoid coviductation. Accordingly, many changes have been introduced by the ICC in Test cricket. Let’s see what they are…

1. A player with Covid symptoms can be withdrawn and replaced with a freshman substitute. For the first time in its history, a substitute for Test cricket is allowed. Before each match, players must conduct Covid tests, which are defined by their respective countries. The game should be launched only after the illness is confirmed.

2. Smooth with spitting is prohibited to increase ball swing and reverse swing. The ball is warned twice in an innings if the ball is spitting. If the offense is repetitive, five runs in excess of the penalty will be allowed for the opposing team. If the spitting is detected, the umpires must intervene and clean up the ball.

New Changes in Test Cricket

3. The Test matches were controlled by neutral umpires but under the new circumstances, the ICC permitted the umpires in the host country to control the match. This means that umpires from outside the ICC’s elite panel will have opportunities to control the Test match. If the match referee feels that the decision of the local umpires is in error, an additional DRS (Decision Review System) will be allowed. Currently there are three DRSs allowed in a single Test innings.

4. To compensate for the loss of spectators during Covid, the sponsor’s ad was allowed to be placed on the jersey of the crowd. An additional sponsor logo was allowed on the chest of the test jersey. According to the Branding and ICC Rules, no more than 32 square inches. Beyond that.


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