New Ayodhya will be in the shape of a bow

ayodhya ram mandir

The new Ayodhya will be in a completely new design. It will be bow shaped. It is designed using the arched or Karamukha method. Several expert engineers and architects have prepared it together. This will not only make Ayodhya look very beautiful but it will also add four moons in the sixth of the Ram temple. Roads will look as if sun rays are coming out of the temple.  

There is a plan to establish New Ayodhya as the center of cultural and religious heritage of the world. Housing development has prepared it with a mythological, cultural faith center in mind to keep the future population growing. That is why Smart City and Vedicism have also been included in it. Before building the layout, expert engineers and architects of housing development tested eight genres used in the construction and development of ancient Vedic cities. 

ayodhya ram mandir

Krmukha pattern designed layout
after churning arched ie Krmukha pattern designed layout. The distance from Ram Mandir to New Ayodhya is four kilometers, but by designing this method, the roads that will pass from near the Ram Mandir will look as if the rays of the sun are scattered from the temple. These rays will be visible for long distances in the form of roads. The special thing is that the roads from near the idol of Lord Rama to the end of New Ayodhya will look like the rays of the sun.

Engineers, architects of the Design Housing Development Council, drawn up after studying many religious cities in the country and abroad, have taken the help of some big architects for this. Studied many religious cities of the country and abroad. Discussed their goodness and flaws. Also talked to many religious experts including CM. Then it incorporated modernism. After this the design was prepared. Its presentation was also made before Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath last week.  

The layout of the new colony in Ayodhya is ready. It has been prepared using arched or karmukha method. After its formation, it would feel as if the rays of the sun were disintegrating from the temple.