Neha Sharma gave such a pose with sister Ayesha that people got confused


Bollywood actress Neha Sharma’s sister Ayesha is in discussion these days for her photoshoots. In the latest photos, both the sisters are seen together. Neha and Ayesha are looking very cute in the picture but people are getting confused about their pose. Neha and Ayesha have trapped their feet in each other in such a way that it is difficult to gas which leg belongs to whom. People are also commenting about his pose.

neha sharma

Neha wrote with the picture, without questioning your beauty, praise the beauty of others. Take inspiration Many people have praised the picture of Ayesha and Neha. At the same time, a follower has written on his pose, Goria got tangled? Another user has written, she got stuck. At the same time, there is a comment of one, who is holding a leg in whom.

Ayesha Sharma has recently shared many of her pictures. There is a picture of her in which she is seen wearing only a shirt. People have trolled on this photo of him. Many people have made negative comments on this photo. Actually Ayesha is seen wearing a white shirt and socks in the photo. It looks like he is not wearing pants. Ayesha has posted many pictures with Neha Sharma.