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NEET JEE Main 2020: Lockdown increased in many states, chances of postponement of examination increased, waiting for update on admit card!

NEET JEE Main 2020
NEET JEE Main 2020

NEET JEE Main 2020: Due to increasing lockdown in many states, the cloud of skepticism on the JEE Main and NEET exam has increased. In states like Maharashtra, Nagaland, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, the lockdown has increased till 31 July. Students from all these states have increased the demand for postponing engineering entrance examination JEE Main and Medical Entrance Examination NEET. Apart from this, the Central Government has also released the guideline of Unlock 2, which will be applicable from July 1. Accordingly, until 31 July, the metro will remain closed and the tightening in the container zone will increase further. Now the question is that if a student stays in the Containment Zone then how will he reach the examination center. 

The tweet from hashtag #PostponeNEETandJEE has increased further on Twitter since the cancellation of the CBSE 10th 12th exam. Students are constantly demanding that students’ health cannot be endangered in the event of corona infection. The examination should be postponed. The NTO and the Ministry of Human Resource Development should not be delayed in the announcement. Students are also tagging HRD Ministry, PMO in their tweets. 

According to MHRD sources, there is a continuous round of meetings regarding the examination. All aspects are being taken care of in the meeting. The NTA has been given several instructions. It is being told that in a couple of days, the government can take a decision on the medical entrance exam NEET and engineering entrance exam JEE Main. The National Testing Agency (NTA) and the Ministry of Human Resource Development may soon release updates on these exams.

Neet Exam

Neet Exam

So far, there is no update even on the admit card,
JEE Main is to be held from 18 to 23 July and NEET on 26 July. Many students form examination centers selected away from the city. He is eagerly waiting for the admit card so that he can get time to arrange to reach the examination center. But the admit card has not been issued yet. In such a situation, it can be guessed that there are more chances of postponing the exam. 

A Twitter user named Velmurugan (@Murugaommuruga) wrote on Monday, “I am in Chennai.” The lockdown has increased till 31 July. In addition, four other states have increased lockdown. Why are you not postponing the exam now?

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