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Nayattu Movie Review, Power and Exploitation

Nayattu, Kunchacko Boban's Malayalam Movie Review,  'Nayattu' cannot be seen as a thriller movie. It exposes the entrenched administrative world biases.

In last summer, the time of the Covid Vishu in Kerala, away from the theatres. They were all shut down soon after the protocol came into force. But for more than a year now, Malayalam cinema has been slowly regaining ‘normalcy’ with a long list of Vishu films. The question also arises as to how long this can continue in the event of a recurrence of Covid‌. However, two weeks of massive releases are passing. Malayalam cinema is filling the theatre and OTT platform with a variety of different stories and characters.

Nayattu features Martin Prakat returning after a long hiatus. Martin Prakat, who left the film industry after the super hit film ‘Charlie’ released in 2015, is returning with ‘Nayatti’ after a long absence of five years. The story of ‘Nayatti’ has been experienced by the Kerala society in many ways. Kerala has witnessed many times the police lockup tortures of Rajan and Naxal Varghese during the Emergency and the subsequent Nedumkandam and the subsequent legal proceedings in which the accused finally escaped in favour of the rule of law. A film interpretation of such stories has come in many forms. If the mentality of the victim and the family has always been the theme of the films, then ‘Nayat’ presents this theme in a different way.

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