Nayanthara starrer O2 review and rating


‘O2 (Oxygen Telugu)’ Cast and Crew

CAST- Nayanthara, Ritwik, Rishikanth, Sha Raa, Barath Neelakantan

‘O2 (Oxygen Telugu)’ Review

Director Viknesh’s ‘O2 (Oxygen)’ is a well-made, connecting thrill ride that keeps you snared from beginning to end. The story starts off in an unassuming fashion but soon turns into an intense thriller, thanks to a well-thought-out plot. Parvathy (Nayanthara) is a single parent whose life rotates around her eight-year-old son Veera (played by child artiste Rithvik), who experiences an ongoing lung problem. Subsequently, the youngster can’t live without an oxygen cylinder.

Parvathy gets to know that a medical operation could help her son recover from the disorder and lead a normal life. So, she chooses to take Veera to a hospital in Kochi, where the surgery has been arranged for him.

Mother and child board a private bus to Kochi. Different travelers on the transport politician who is out of power and his assistant, a father who is disenchanted with his daughter as she is in love with a young man from another caste, the girl’s lover who is a student of medicine, a corrupt policeman who is off to Kochi for an illegal deal that is bound to make him super-rich and a person who has just been released from prison.

The bus sets off on a stormy night to Kerala. What happens during the journey is what ‘O2’ is all about. Curiously, the best performance doesn’t come from Nayanthara yet from child artist Rithvik, who plays the role of Veera. Rithvik is just adorable and steals your heart.

‘Aadukalam’ Murugadoss, who plays the driver is a delight to watch as well. His performance in the scene in which he chooses to stick to doing what is right, disregarding the life-saving benefits that some people have to offer, is just brilliant. Nayanthara, who plays Parvathy, comes up with a neat performance. Impressive acting skills mixed with Vishal Chandrashekar’s apt background music enable director Viknesh to strike terror in the hearts of audiences. Tamizh Azhagan’s aerial shots are worth watching.

The film’s climax is not very convincing and that comes across as a big letdown. Otherwise, ‘O2’ is a neat family performer that is definitely worth a watch.

 ‘O2 (Oxygen Telugu)’ Rating


O2 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar