Nayanthara is heroine in the film ‘Body Guard’ but Asin is heroine in its Tamil version! Actor Vijay is the reason for such a change

Asin and Nayanthara were two Malayalam actresses in South India at one time. Both of them started in the Malayalam cinema scene, but it was through Tamil films that both of them became prominent in their careers. When Nayanthara continued to play glamorous roles, the Malayalam movie ‘Body Guard’ came. Actor Dileep suggested Nayanthara for the film directed by Siddique.

Nayanthara acted in this film because she liked the story of this film. But then the producer and director Siddique were worried about the remuneration of a star like Nayanthara. Siddique has spoken about this once before, and those words are now back in the limelight, with Siddique remaking it in Tamil as Bodyguard Kavalan. Vijay was the hero. As Nayanthara is a well-known star in Tamil too, everyone expected the actress to play the lead role in Kavalan.
Asin is the heroine in Kavalan. Siddique has already clarified the reason for this. As was made the heroine on Vijay’s suggestion. Before that, Nayanthara and Vijay had done a film called Will together. Then Siddique had said that Vijay had suggested Az because he thought that he should not repeat the same heroine.