Nayanthara has agreed to work with Prabhu Deva in the film ?

Years later it has been revealed that the pair are filming together. Fans await confirmation on the matter.


Nayanthara is a South Indian film star. She started out in Malayalam but later became a lover of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil actor got many chances. Nayans has become one of the leading actresses in a short time. The actor also took his own stand on the subject of cinema.

After acting, the actor will move from the movie to the next location. She does not participate in any promotional events. The actress said that her acting career was over and the film would interact with the audience. The producers and directors said that the money for the promotion should be paid only a little.

Nayanthara is one of the regular players in gossip columns. His love affair with Prabhu Deva had become a big controversy. Prabhu Deva’s wife came out with harsh criticism Tarapani accused Nayanthara of abducting her husband. The two were separated after the incident. Years later it has been revealed that the pair are filming together. Fans await confirmation on the matter.

There have also been reports that Nayanthara has agreed to work with Prabhu Deva. Prabhu Deva’s film is produced by Isari Ganesh. The producer approached Prabhu Deva to complete the film which started years ago with Vishal and Karthi as heroes. Vishal was pulled out of the film as the cast was busy.

It has also been revealed that Karthi and Nayantara will be with Ganesh and Prabhu Deva when they are re-creating the film. Another player might replace Vaseline. Fans are waiting for an official confirmation about the film. There are also reports that Nayans are of the view that they will take on important roles.