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Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan’s Latest Photos go Viral!

Vignesh and Nayanthra Photos

The marriage between South Indian actor Nayanthara and Tamil director Vighnesh Sivan is the biggest ‘good news’ awaited by the film world. The details of their marriage, which has been close for a long time, are often discussed in the media. Vignesh, a wiki, often shares pictures of the two together on social media. Wiki has just shared a picture with Nayanthara. Vignesh Sivan also shared pictures of his recent vacation in Goa. The pictures of Nayanthara and Vignesh landing at the Chennai airport after the vacation celebrations also went viral on social media.

Nayantara and Vignesh arrived in Goa last week. Nayanthara and Vignesh, who arrived in Goa for a holiday, are accompanied by their mothers. Nayantara’s mother’s birthday was also celebrated in Goa. Vignesh also shared a picture of it. Neither Nayantara nor Vignesh talks openly about their relationship and marriage. But in a recent interview to a Tamil website, Vignesh Sivan talked about his marriage to Nayantara.

Vignesh Shivan and Nayanthara Latest Photos

“News about our marriage has appeared on the Internet about 22 times. The news keeps coming every three months. We have some goals. I want to do something. After all that, there are plans to go into private life. Our focus is still on work. Also, let’s see when love gets boring. Then we can get married. Now everything is going beautifully. You can make that decision when everything is right to go to the next step. Then let everyone know and get married happily, ”Vignesh Sivan said in an interview with a popular media.

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