Home Film News Nayanthara acted as Keerthi Suresh’s mother!

Nayanthara acted as Keerthi Suresh’s mother!

Nayanthara acted as Keerthi Suresh's mother!
Nayanthara acted as Keerthi Suresh's mother!

Annatthe is Rajinikanth’s next film. Directed by Siruthai Siva, the film stars Nayanthara and Keerthi Suresh. According to current reports, Nayan Tara will be seen in the role of Keerthi Suresh’s mother. The film has four main female characters.

Annaatthe Movie Cast

Apart from Nayanthara and Keerthi Suresh, Khushboo Sunder and Meena are also in the cast. Nayanthara’s fans were shocked when reports came out that she was coming as Keerthi’s mother. Fans are asking if Nayanthara Amma, who is currently a superstar in South Indian cinema, will play the role.


At the same time, there is no official response as to what Nayanthara’s role will be in the film. The first phase of the film was shot in Hyderabad. The second phase of filming has been suspended following the announcement of the lockdown. Nayanthara’s next film is Mookoothi ​​Amman. Keerthi Suresh’s latest release is Penguin which was released on Amazon Prime.

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