Navratri 2020: Learn the rules for establishing urn on Navratri

Navratri 2020 Wishes

On the first day of Navaratri i.e. Pratipada Tithi, the worship of nine Durga commences with the establishment. Ghat establishment has its own special importance in Goddess worship. This time, on October 17, Saturday, the auspicious time is established. From 6:27 to 10:13 in the morning and Abhijit Muhurta from 11:44 to 12:29 in the afternoon you can do the Kalash installation. This time the arrival of Goddess Bhagwati is coming on Saturday, which is coming on a horse. The horse is a symbol of war. This time, this festival of 10 days will be completed in 9 days, because the dates fluctuate. Ashtami is till 6:58 am on 24 October. After that, Navami will take place, then Ashtami and Navami will be worshiped on the same day. Hence Dussehra and Devi’s movement will be on October 25 itself.


How to install Kalash: Kalash should be established in the northeast direction of the temple and Kalash should be installed by putting mother’s post. First of all, make the place holy by spraying Ganga water. Then make the swastika with red color on the wooden post and install the urn. Place a mango leaf in the urn and fill it with water or Ganges water. Put together a betel nut, some coins, Durva, a lump of turmeric in the urn. Wrap the face of the urn with a coconut-red cloth. Make an Ashtadal from rice i.e. Akshat and keep the idol of Maa Durga. Make them red or pink. Along with the Kalash installation, a monolithic lamp is also installed. Worship Maa Shailputri after establishing the Kalash. Take red flowers and rice in your hand and meditate on the mother Shailputri and chant the mantra and offer flowers and rice at the feet of the mother. The bhog made for mother Shailputri Should be made from cow’s ghee. Or even just by offering cow’s ghee, one gets rid of disease and crisis.

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