‘Nandutta’ I cann’t bear this Mone, Seema G Nair with pain, Nandu Mahadeva passed away

Nandhu Mahadeva passed Away

Actress Seema G Nair pays tributes to Nandu Mahadeva (27), a cancer survivor. Seema says her Nandutan journey is to a world without pain.

Seema G. Nair’s words, “The Prince of Survival is on his way. Today is Black Saturn … My Nandutan has gone to a world without pain (Nandumahadeva). I knew that my condition was bad. But …. don’t smoke .. burn .. spread like wildfire .. give courage to everyone else .. where did you go .. you left us all alone ..Nandutta, I can not stand you, Mone .. I can not even see you .. I can not, my God .. Why are you going so cruel .. I can not .. My letters are in tears .. You always have to be with me like Yashoda Where did you go …”

Nandu Mahadeva, who is well known through social media, was everyone’s favorite. Nandu was seen by all as a brave fighter who inspired thousands of people in the fight against cancer. Nandu’s return is an inspiration to many in the fight against cancer.

Nandu was the main organizer of Athi Jeevanam. In the last days, cancer had gripped Nandu’s lungs. He died at the MVR Cancer Center in Kozhikode at 3.30 am on Saturday. He is a native of Bharathannur, Thiruvananthapuram.