Najim Arshad uninstalled his tik tok in solidarity with the soldiers


Najeem Arshad removed his tick tok in solidarity with the soldiers Playback singer Najim Arshad has removed his Tic Tac account by declaring solidarity with Indian soldiers. Deleting Tic Tac, Jaihind left a screenshot of the Tic Tac Account and a Confirmation Message to Delete the Tic Tac Account on his Facebook page. Several comments were made on Facebook in support of Najim’s decision. ‘We have to do whatever we can with our soldiers.

I can do the same at home. Do the same for our soldiers, ”was a reply to a comment that came down the post. Tic Tac, a short video app owned by a Chinese company called Bite Dance. Most of the global users of TickTalk are from India.

The anti-China sentiment is raging in the country in the wake of the Indo-China border conflict. The call for a boycott of Chinese products is widespread. As part of this, there has been a nationwide call for removal of Chinese products and mobile apps, including smartphones.