Nagarjuna charged 6 crores for his recent film, The Ghost


Akkineni Nagarjuna is an actor who is universally adored and a star that never fades. With his tenacity and persistence, he has carved out a place for himself in the annals of cinema over the course of his thirty-decade career. The actor is now preparing for the release of Praveen Sattaru’s upcoming film, The Ghost. The grand debut of “The Ghost” is scheduled for October 5 release.

One of the top actors in the Telugu cinema industry is Nagarjuna. It is a known truth that the actor is among the highest-paid actors in the business, despite the fact that he has recently been quite selective about the assignments he takes on. A source close to the actor said that Nagarjuna charged Rs 6 crore for “The Ghost.” Additionally, there is a rumor circulating on social media that he is also receiving a cut of the movie’s earnings.

The last couple of years hasn’t seen many significant blockbusters for Nagarjuna’s movies. This year’s Pongal saw the premiere of his most recent movie, “Bangarraju.” His previous films, including “Wild Dog,” “Manmadhudu 2,” “Devadas,” and others, did not perform well at the box office until “Bangarraju.” The hit movie Nag needs might be ‘The Ghost’. Nagarjuna will be working as an Interpol officer by “The Ghost,” who took his time to pull it done. Fans are eager to see Nag in a previously unheard-of role. It’s fair to say that the film has generated a lot of buzz. Nag’s career will accelerate once again if “The Ghost” becomes a box office success.