MP Board 10th 12th Result 2021

MP Board 10th 12th Result 2021
MP Board 10th 12th Result 2021

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (Mashim) has extended the deadline for schools to upload the marks of 10th, 12th and 12th vocational class students. Now schools can upload the marks of their students on the MP online portal till July 11. Earlier the last date was 8th July. 

The MP Board has said in the notice that the work of uploading marks has not been completed by the principals of some schools. In such a situation, all the schools should make sure to upload the marks of the students by July 11.

Let us tell you that this year MP Board 10th and 12th examinations have been canceled due to Corona. The result will be released on the basis of performance in previous classes and internal assessment. 

12th Result Formula
The marks of class 12th should be determined on the basis of best of five marks obtained in various subjects of class 10th. For this, mapping of 10th class subjects with 12th faculty wise subjects has been done. No student will be failed in regular and self study examination. Students of additional subject or additional faculty will be awarded subject wise marks mapped as per main faculty with 10th in that subject. The marks of the grade improvement students will be given according to the score of the group mapped from the high school. According to the order issued by the Board of Secondary Education, in the best of five method, in addition to the subjects with the highest marks of high school, the sixth subject will be mapped to the subject of class 12th, High school third language subject marks will be awarded in that subject. For example, the marks of a student in high school in social science subject are not included in his result due to being out of the best of five method, then such student will get 10th marks instead of social science subject marks in 12th examination result. Marks for third language will be awarded.

10th Result Formula The results
of the students of high school examination year 2021 will be prepared like this –
Half yearly examination / pre-board examination, unit test, unit test, and internal assessment marks of each candidate are available in the schools. The marks obtained out of 100 marks in each subject will be filled in the OMR sheet.
Maximum 20 marks are fixed for internal assessment. The Board of Secondary Education has sent the OMR sheet to the schools to fill the evaluation marks. Each candidate will be given 20 marks out of 100 in each subject.
– 50% surcharge will be given for half yearly and 30% surcharge for unit test. Thus if the student gets total 80 marks out of 100 then 16 marks have to be filled in the OMR sheet.