Anjaam Pathiraa

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A psychologist with a keen interest in criminology gets entangled in a tough serial killer case which the police find hard to crack.

Collections: Midhun Manuel Thomas

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Mystery


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Country:   India
Language:  Malayalam
Release Date:  10 January 2020

Box Office

Revenue:  $6,561,680

Company Credits

Production Companies:  Ashiq Usman Productions

Technical Specs

Runtime:  2 h 24 min
B4movies - 0.4
ThePrimeTime - 0.4
IMDB - 0.45



Game changer for Midhun Manuel Thomas Director and Kunjchacko bobon (Anwar hussian) Criminologist too. This was A Perfect Seated Edge-Thriller Of Anjamm Pathira movie. A Thrilling/Best Part and Thrilling/Best Experience Was How They Connected and Finding out the evidence,hidden secrets,case solved,crime,body,footprints and lot more. The story comes where Kunjchacko Bobon (Anwar hussain)Criminologist comes and Investigates and questions every single person gets to know each other and find out the case of postmoutom,crime,and body of a person too. The first half comes from Where The police officers comes and finds out the mystery behind the secrets where its surprise comes guess who The serial killer specialist Benjamin (Sharafudeen) A surprise to a Element of its Brilliant Costume Character of Mask on With a wolf Look in that. Best/Thrilling Part and Best/Thrilling Experience Was police officers and criminologist Finding out the evidence and getting each and every person to know whether he is a Serial killer or a Murder. The Twist happens at the first half where The serial killer specialist kills four to five police officers and one police officer gets cheated by A criminlogist (anwar hussain) Kunjachacko bobon. Kunjachacko Bobon finds out The Mystery behind The past and present of Flashback Which Serial killer Benjamin gets angry at The police officer but benjamin refuses to challenge the police officers and police officers gone away from him at the past(flashback).Another twist too happens at the Second half at the last scene both Benjamin tries to kill the police officer but suddenly The criminologist Anwar hussain comes and saves him at at moment but fight starts and final showdown happens where Serial killer Charges at The police officer and at the last scene Serial killer comes tries to kill Anwar hussain but The Amazing Twist and Suspense happend Unnimaya A Brilliant showdown Bashes The serial killer and gets down and Anwar hussain gets at the right time Perfect timing too. Another Best and Thrilling twist too happens Benjamin sister comes on at the flat guess who its A revenge of Killing a police officer Nikihla vimal A surprise and a Thrilling Ride of her Brilliant Cliamx to a turnaround to it. Sreenath Bhasi A Briiliant and Bonding support to its police officers with Anwar hussain (kunjachacko bobon) Where they find out the person and its binary codes to it amazing bonding with Kunjachacko Boban with Sreenath bhasi.

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