More than 80 health workers are quarantined after Covid confirmation of pregnant lady

In Kottayam, one lady resulted in COVID -19 positive during her pregnancy treatment. This has happened at Kottayam Medical College. So about 80 medical workers are under self quarantined. She was coming for treatment on May 24th. During the treatment, she has got serious pregnancy symptoms and undergo various check-ups of the surgeon, neuro specialist, Pediatric surgeon, and cardiology specialists, etc.

None other than medical workers, medical students also contacted with the patient. But she may not be contacted any COVID patients, then how was she affected? the whole medical team was exclaimed. On behalf of an inspection, the blood samples of the lady also tested, unfortunately, resulted in positive. So all the medical teams those who treated the lady was now under observation. But there has no idea about how she was affected by COVID -19.