More Tamil films to be released online; Theater owners are worried


Jyotika, wife of famous actress and Tamil superstar Surya, is all set to release on Amazon Prime following the release of her latest film ‘Pon Dakkum Vandal’. The release of the film is scheduled for the first week of May. The Tamil Nadu Theater-Multiplex Owners Association has threatened to ban all films including Surya’s in theaters if the film produced by Surya is released on OTT platform.

However, there are reports that many Tamil films are getting ready for such a release. Some manufacturers have come up with a new decision based on the expectation that the film industry will be active until at least September, after the lockdown.

However, it is rumored that images of super stars will not be released on online platforms such as Hotstar, Amazon or Netflix. The OTT release is considering small budget films. With this, the theater owners’ move to ban movies has come back.

Some producers have reacted harshly to theater owners who decided to boycott Sun’s films. Some leading producers have written to Sun to support them. She said that the producer who pays for a movie has the right to take any means to get it back. But it is reported that the theater owners are firm in their decision.