Moothon Review, Release Date And Live Updates

The Nivin Pauly Film Moothon has released in theaters today. After receiving acclaim from the Toronto International Film Festival and MAMI 2019, the film will now open for the general audience. The film was directed by Geethu Mohandas and Cast and Crew Nivin Pauly, Shashank Arora, Sobhita Dhulipala and Roshan Mathew. And the film has been co-produced by Anurag Kashyap. Nivin Pauly plays the main role. The theater report reveals that Moothon is a nice story and a very satisfying movie.


Director Geetu Mohandas shared all the struggles which she has faced while making this film. “It’s hilarious because with Liar’s Dice, with the Oscar nomination, National Award one would think that my journey would be the easy second time around, at least I thought that. I sincerely thought that but it’s funny because nobody wanted to produce Moothon because they thought I was such a minus for the market. It’s got this big star (Nivin Pauly) but the moment they heard my name they were like, ‘No, her movies are all international.’”

And also Nivin Pauly shared his experience in the sets, “It was a great experience to be on the sets of Moothon. We shot in live locations. It was sync sound and there was no light setup. We used a small camera for shooting. There was no caravan. Geetu Mohandas (director) wanted her actors to become the characters that they were playing. Mobile phones were not allowed on the sets. We were not allowed to crack jokes on the sets. We had to be in our character all the time. Because she needs perfection. It was a totally different experience.”And he added, In this film my character name was Akbar, “Geethu told me that Akbar was a very intense character. And I wanted to approach the character in a new way. I wanted to start from scratch. We had a workshop with Atul Mongia in Mumbai. Instead of acting as Akbar, he helped me to find the Akbar in me. It all started from there. And you have other strong actors in the cast who push you to do better.”