Mohanlal’s old interview gains attention for this reason


On the microblogging platform Twitter, Mohanlal has been popular for a while now for many different reasons, one of which being an old interview he gave. Mohanlal is speaking about his “Chithram” co-star Ranjini in the social media video. The interviewee plays a video byte of Ranjini, and once it ends, he asks, “Ranjini has gained weight, didn’t she?”

And internet users are loving Mohanlal’s answer to it. Mohanlal states that he is someone who believes that ‘Beauty lies in flesh, not in bones.’ When the interviewee emphasizes that the earlier mentioned is Mohanlal’s concept of beauty, the superstar adds, ‘It’s not like that. There’s beauty in that too. Mohanlal goes on to add that one cannot say she doesn’t look good because she gained weight. He further adds that “I am a plus-size person!”

More than 1000 people have liked and more than 300 people have retweeted the specific post. The interview gained notoriety after Mammootty apologized for his remarks against Jude Anthany Joseph, a director, that were considered body-shaming. Mammootty expressed his happiness at the trailer premiere for Jude Anthany Joseph’s movie “2018.” “Jude Anthany may not have much hair on his head, but he is an intelligent man,” Mammootty stated.

Mammootty issued an apology on Facebook after the comments drew criticism, writing, “Dear all, even as I express my apology for irritating some quarters with the words that I used in excitement while appreciating director Jude Anthany at a function related to a trailer launch, I assure you that I would be careful not to use such words in the future. Thanks to all who reminded.”