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Mohanlal withdraws from Bigg Boss for this reason!

Mohanlal in bigg boss
Mohanlal in bigg boss

Bigg Boss is a popular reality show that is gaining popularity in Asianet. The third phase of the show is getting more audience acceptance than the first two seasons. Most of the contestants in the first two rounds were celebrities. But this time the celebrities are much fewer. It’s only been a few days since the show started, but each episode goes through a series of eventful moments. It has already reached the point of hand-to-hand fighting between the contestants. The show presented by Mohanlal has a lot of fans. But with just days to go before the grand finale of the show, the show had to end due to the Covid expansion. This has disappointed fans as well as the cast of the show.

Manoj Nair about his new serial

The contestants all went back home. The cast and crew of the show are currently trying to shoot the grand finale of the show in Thiruvananthapuram. Manoj Kumar said in a video yesterday that the activists are planning to go to the contestants’ house and shoot the grand finale. Similarly, Manoj Kumar has hinted that Mohanlal is withdrawing from the show. Ninety-five days later, the event had to be called off, but activists said they were still trying to pick a winner in the grand finale.

Mohanlal came to Kerala to see his mother four months later!

Manoj said that the third part of the show received more audience support than the second part of Bigg Boss, so the fourth season of the show will start soon on Asianet but Mohanlal will not be coming to host the show in the fourth part. Manoj said that he is currently busy shooting for his film Barros and that he has a lot of projects to do and that is why Mohanlal is likely to withdraw from the show. He also said that Suresh Gopi or Mukesh is likely to replace him.

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