Mohanlal Speaks Out Chandrayaan Mission Impact On India’s Global Stature

As India takes monumental strides in space exploration with the Chandrayaan mission, the nation’s beloved superstar, Mohanlal, shares his insights on the mission’s broader implications for India’s global image.In an exclusive interview with Express Kerala, the iconic actor expressed his unwavering support and enthusiasm for the Chandrayaan mission. “It’s not just a mission to the moon,” Mohanlal remarked, “It’s a testament to India’s capabilities, determination, and our place in the global community.”

The actor, known for his deep-rooted love for his homeland, emphasized the importance of such missions in showcasing India’s technological prowess and innovative spirit. “Every time we embark on such ambitious endeavors, we send a message to the world. We’re not just participants; we’re leaders,” he added.Mohanlal’s comments come at a time when the nation eagerly awaits updates on the Chandrayaan mission. His words resonate with millions who believe in India’s potential to be a global leader in science, technology, and innovation.