Mohanlal danced to that song in Kakkakuyil with a bandage tied around his leg

Kakkakuyil is a beautiful film directed by Mohanlal and Priyadarshan. The movie starring Mohanlal and Mukesh was a huge hit. The songs in the films, which were made with an emphasis on comedy, were also huge hits. The songs in the film are still loved by the fans. Mohanlal and Mukesh have done beautiful dance scenes in the film.

Recently, the 4K print of the song ‘Patam Vanamali’ was released. Now a fan named Ajay Nath has gone viral on social media for sharing a song about the song. post says,

Mohanlal is one of the most popular dancer forms in the Malayalam cinema. No one should doubt that. I noticed while watching the remastered 4K songs. In the song ‘Patam Vanamali’ all the main dancers are dancing barefoot.

Kakkakuyil song
Kakkakuyil song

Lalettan does the same, but at 03.40 of the song, Lalettan puts on the steps with his slipper. Suddenly I remembered that small mistakes like this are not normal in a movie. When I saw the rest, he put the big bandage on his leg again at 05:03 and put the strings on.

Excessive dance steps and strain may cause muscle spasms in the legs. Whatever the problem, there is no compromise on the steps. Lalettan dances to all the songs in the movie Kakkakuyil with great ease. And Mukesh Ettan. One more thing to discover through 4K remastering. If you go to YouTube and listen to the song, you will understand.

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