Missed call campaign to provide relief to parents from June 1


The problems of parents are increasing in this transition period of Corona. A large number of parents lost their jobs and businesses are closed, but the school operators have not given any relief in fees. In order to provide relief to the parents who are facing an economic crisis in the Corona period, a special campaign will be started by NIDA and the youth organization from Tuesday.

In this campaign starting from June 1, people will be supported through missed calls and parents will be able to tell their problems and suggestions through email. Most parents have a problem of introduction, keeping in mind that a missed call campaign has been started. Where he will be able to support without fear. Conduct of the victim’s parents will be conveyed to the Chief Minister and the Education Minister and a concession will be sought for them.

A meeting of New Educationalist and Entrepreneur Development Association NEEDA and I Yuva was organized at Sri Mangalam College of Law, Sector-62 regarding school fees and other problems. Rudra Pratap Singh, the youth chairman who came to the meeting, said that it was decided with the consensus that a practical solution would be found to this problem by coordinating between the administration, the school management and the parents through a joint campaign.

Nida president Harsh Raj Dwivedi said that schools have not been operating since March 2020 due to the epidemic. School management is pressuring parents for fees. From June 1, the missed call service will start on 9718885665 number, parents will be able to speak. Complaints will be taken here till June 20, after which, submitting its report to the government, it will be demanded that the parents be given relief.