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Minister ST Somashekar adopted three animals at Mysore Zoo as a tribute to 3 Kannada Actors

Mysore’s Jayachamarajendra Zoo was closed since the lockdown came into force. The zoological garden has now been restarted after government’s approval.  On this occasion, the minister in charge of the district, ST Somashekhar, has adopted two elephants in the name of Dr. Rajkumar and Rebel Star Ambarish. And a lion in the name of Sahasasimha Dr.Vishnuvardhan. by this he honored the three great Kannada actors.

After three months, the Mysore Zoo was reopened by Minister and Parliamentarian Sumalatha Ambarish.  At this time Minister ST Somashekhar said that this is the right time to pay tribute to the three Mysore-based actors by adopting the animals.

An Indian elephant is adopted in the name of Varanta Dr.Raj Kumar and an African elephant in the name of Rebel Star Dr. Ambarish and adopted a lion in the name of Dr. Vishnuvardha by the Minister ST Somashekhar.

“Public access to the zoo was banned for three months due to the lockdown. There was no other income for the zoo without tourist..  at this hard time  by the help of Minister ST Somashekat  Rs 3.23 crore has been donated to the zoo by people, representatives of his constituency..” said the zoo’s executive director Ajit Kulkarni.

Rs 40 lakh has been donated for the maintenance of the Mysore Zoo by the American Agengy, and a check of Rs 25 lakh was handed over to the zoo by the former president of the Mysore District Co-ordinating Committee.

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