Minister R Bindu Responds To Alencier’s Regrettable Statement

Minister R Bindu reacted to actor Alencier’s statement. Minister R Bindu said that Alencier’s statement is a symbol of patriarchy and is unfortunate. The minister responded that it is a myth of male dominance and such a reaction should not have been made on the award stage.At the same time, actor Alencier said he stands by the words he said on the stage of the state film awards. Alencier said that the statement was not wrong and he was not ashamed to say it. Alencier asked why there is no misogyny in the film award sculpture and why a man can’t be created.

I was the one who was going to go home with the award, the award had a lot of weight, if the Chief Minister was there I would have said it. It can be said because there is a culture minister. Don’t let this female idol tempt us. After receiving the award, Alencier said, “I will stop acting the day I buy Aankarutulla Pratima.”

R Bindu