Messi Announces Temporary Break From Argentina Team Scaloni Expresses Disagreement


Messi is planning to take a temporary break from international football. Messi’s decision is part of his move to the American League. Messi recently signed a contract with Inter Miami. Messi has signed a contract with PSG and is now playing in Miami. Messi had a hard time adapting to the conditions in Paris when he left Barcelona and joined PSG. The superstar is taking a break from the national team to avoid a repeat of the same at Inter Miami. Messi’s decision is to return to the team ahead of next year’s Copa America. The matter was discussed with Lionel Sconi but the coach did not agree. Scaloni’s stance is that Messi should be with the team. In this regard, the decision of the Argentine Football Association will be decisive.

In any case, Messi’s decision is sure to bring a lot of hope and happiness to Inter Miami and its fans. Inter Miami is in last place in the American Major League Soccer due to consecutive defeats. Messi recently stated that he was unable to adapt to the conditions at SG. Messi also said that the bad behavior of a group of fans caused him to leave the club. The misbehavior of the fans was troubling. Messi said that he will only remember those who respected him. Messi came to PSG in 2021 following Barcelona’s financial crisis.