Is estrogen a ‘protector’ for women?!! Report about Corona virus and Menstruation?


Ever since the coronavirus began to conquer the world, it has been a matter of debate whether it works differently in men and women. The reason is that the immune system will be different. Studies have already shown that the sex of a person is important when it comes to catching the corona virus. In most of these studies, female sex hormones were more likely to transmit the corona virus.

Is there a link between corona virus and menstruation? An article published in MedPage,states that menstruating women only need to stay in the hospital for a very short time. Menopausal women recover earlier and leave the hospital earlier.Also, the severity of the disease may be felt to be very low. According to a study by a research team,states that the hormone estrogen acts as a barrier to the corona virus in the female body.


‘Estrogen’ is known as the female hormone. Female behavior and female characteristics are caused by this hormone. A woman has the hormone estrogen in all parts of her body, especially from head to toe. A woman who is menopausal may experience a lack of estrogen,it is likely to affect more Covid at this time.

When menopause occurs in women, the body’s immune system is weakened. As estrogen levels decrease, women gain weight. The risk of heart disease is higher during this time as the immune system is weakened. The risk of diabetes and high blood pressure is also high.For these reasons that estrogen is said to protect women.