Meghna Vincent and Don get divorced, Shocked by fans

Actress meghna vincent divorse
Actress meghna vincent divorse

Meghna Vincent is a favourite actress of the miniscreen audience. Meghna Vincent is an Indian actress who appeared in the series’ Chandanamazha. According to sources, the actor is now divorced. Meghna’s departure came as a surprise. There were rumors that the actress had to withdraw from the serial due to her busy schedule.

Meghna explained that she was in a hurry to get married and that is why she quit the sandal shower. The star’s husband is Don, the brother of actress Dimple Ross. The couple was married on April 30, 2017. But the couple has reportedly ended.

Meghna Vincent and Don

However, it is believed that the marriage lasted only a year. It is also learned that the two are now separated. The two have been separated since May 2018. Last October, it was reported that the two were legally divorced, but both responded. However, the news of Don’s divorce has come to the fore again with reports that Don is preparing for a second marriage.