Meghna Is Coming Back To Film The First Look Of Tatsama Tadbhava Is Out

Meghna Raj is the heroine of the Malayalam movie Yakshiyum Meghna. The actor soon became active in Telugu and Tamil. Her husband, Kannada star Chiranjeevi Sarja, passed away unexpectedly while her life was progressing happily. Meghna was pregnant when Chiranjeevi Sarja died. Meghna was strengthened by the playful laughter of baby Ryan who had reached Chiru’s birthday.

After the arrival of the baby, the actor was active on social media. His stories were also shared about Cheeru. Gradually, the actor came to TV shows. Meghna has announced her comeback by releasing the first look poster of the film. Meghna is seen in the poster covering her face with both hands. Tatsama Tadbhava is a horror thriller in Kannada and Malayalam. The actor has also shared a note sharing the joy of his return. Fans have already taken over the poster on social media. Fans are giving great support to the star’s comeback.