Meghna has decided to act again

Meghna about her life

Actress Meghna Raj says that she was mentally exhausted after Chiru’s death and now lives only for her son. Meghna was talking to the media for the first time after her husband Chiranjeevi’s death. I do not know how strong Meghna was. “We don’t know what it is,” Meghna said.Meghana Raj Sarja

But I said that ours will be a girl and Chiru said that it was true that Chiru wanted to raise a child like Simba in Lion King. I was saddened to see The Lion King. I want to carry on with all the memories of my husband for my son. I am with my parents and close friends Nazriya and Ananya in distress. I have my baby now. I want to fulfill all my dreams of having a baby through my baby.


Acting is my passion It is in my blood My husband will never want to give up anything I love I will continue to act in movies as long as I can I will definitely come back Meghna said This is a special cradle made by sculptors from Kalakkady in Dharwad district of Karnataka. Meghna said the cradle was specially designed to hold the baby’s naming ceremony as part of the cradle presentation. The family astrologer also came up with a special word for the baby’s name and is now thinking of a name that starts with the word.

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