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After the death of Chiranjeevi Sarja, Meghana Raj changed her name

Meghana Raj is an actress who is very familiar with Malayalees. Kannada actor Chiranjeevi and actor got married after 10 years of friendship. Chiranjeevi’s death was the second year of her marriage. It was heartbreaking.

The scene of Meghna Chiru, who was four months pregnant, fell on her chest and caused her fans to cry. Meghna has now changed her name on Instagram.The actor has changed his name to Meghna Raj Sarja. Even when her husband left her, the fans came out in support of Meghna, who bears the same name. According to fans, Meghna’s love for Chiru is evident.


Chiranjeevi Sharjah dies

Meanwhile, four films of Chiranjeevi Sarja have been completed. According to reports, Dhruva Sarjha will be given a supporting role by his brother and actor Dhruva in the movie Raja Ramathanda.

It is reported that the actor has spoken about the issue with the crew members of the film. Only the dubbing work of the film remains. Directed by Ram Narayanan, the film is produced by Sivakumar. According to reports, the polar director has promised to do justice to the character.

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