Meet the Jordanian media genius – Hani Al-Badri


Whether as a journalist, producer, TV interviewer, anchor, trainer or writer, Hani Al-Badri has excelled at all that he has ever taken in his hands.

Some people believe in dreaming big and not take any actions to turn those dreams into reality, while some others are action-takers who believe in not just dreaming but taking pertinent actions to make it through and big in their chosen industries, choosing to learn each day and apply the same in their work. Veteran media professional Hani Al-Badri from the Middle East did the same and here is today, achieving incredible success as a well-renowned and respected professional who has achieved much beyond our imaginations in the industry, taking the media and communication industry of the Middle East to success that was deemed as unachievable by others.

With him gaining great education from Bachelors to Diploma to Masters and ultimately PhD, in journalism, media and mass communication from prestigious institutes and universities, one can imagine his well-acquired knowledge and expertise in the subjects. Gaining so much education Hani Al-Badri had entered the field at a very young age and through the years has only spellbound people with the level of achievements and accolades he has earned, making him the top-notch name in the industry. Today, with having shown his excellence as a writer, journalist, TV interviewer, anchor, editor-in-chief, producer, media expert, training professional, he has proved that an individual is capable of achieving as much as he wants and great knowledge and skills can act as powerful weapons in his career.

If we discuss the different positions, he has held so far in his career and the level of success he has achieved while managing those positions, we would require multiple writeups to explain Hani Al-Badri’s genius. He has been on more than 100 articles and investigative reports in various Jordanian and Arab Newspapers and Magazines and has to his credit many research papers in the University of Yarmouk between 1982-1986. He also did the Arabic media coverage of US President Barrack Obama in January 2009-2010. Hani Al-Badri also has been a part of major news projects and have covered world events.

Apart from writing and reading, Hani Al-Badri also loves travelling. To gain more information, follow this ace media professional on Instagram @hani.albadri.