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Meet Achuthan: The Most Necessary Part of Mamangam!

Achuthan B Nair Life Story
Achuthan B Nair Life Story

Achuthan B Nair is a child actor from Kottayam Puthuppally who is shining in the movie Mamankam. Chandroth Chandunni is a necessary part of the movie. Achuthan is a sixth standard student of Puthuppally Georgian Public School.

Achuthan B Nair

There is also a monument to Chandroth Chandunni in Pang, a village near Malappuram, where Kalari has been practicing since the age of five. Puthuppally Iravi is trained by Biju Varghese gurus at Thakkal Kalari in Nallur. After being selected for the cinema, he trained at CVN Kalari, Calicut. After getting a chance to film, she went to school only to write the exam for two years.  Achuthan got a lot of support from teachers and friends to devote all his time to the cinema.

Achuthan with Mamangam Team

He also underwent some special training for the movie. As he is portraying a pivotal role, supposed to be a full-length role with more screen time, he used to stay along with the team for about one and a half years. The kid has become a sensation on the internet ever since the first look poster came out.

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