Meera Vasudevan shares an insight on recreating ones own happiness


Meera Vasudevan has arisen as a social media user and her most recent video makes certain to motivate you. The ‘Thanmathra’ entertainer posted a video sharing her contemplations on how one should attempt to reproduce bliss.

She started the video-sharing with regards to the new episode of her 7-year-old child talking concerning how desolate he felt. “Hi, so last night I was talking to my seven-year-old son, before his bedtime and he said that he is feeling lonely. He doesn’t know the word depressed yet. And like us adults, many of us have been forced into isolation or various circumstances, where we cannot meet others. We cannot have face-to-face conversations like before. And he says that he is feeling lonely. And I immediately told him that it’s not lonely, it’s alone. And there is a great difference between the two. And I made him understand the reason why he has to be in isolation. We might be separated physically but we can always engage via video calls, and keep people we love closer,” Meera Vasudevan said in the video.

Meera Vasudevan 2
Meera Vasudevan


She further talked concerning that reproduce joy.

Look at the total video here.

#meeravasudevanramblings video 16 – re-create your happiness My son told me last night that he is lonely- that it’s a feeling of sadness and lack of company and joy of another. That struck me as a worldwide situation that children and adults are forced into due to the forced isolation of the pandemic. To deal with that, I offer you two of my ideas and hope you find relief in practicing them regularly and re-creating your happiness and peace to beat your depression and sadness once and for all! Caution: as with everything, practice makes perfect. Happy practicing! ” she penned in her note.