Meera Nandan Latest Photos Viral on Social Media

Meera Nandan Photoshoot

Meera Nandan is the star of the super hit movie Mulla directed by Malayalam super hit director Lal Jose. Meera made her debut in Mulla as the heroine of popular hero Dileep. Meera caught the attention of Lal Jose when she appeared in a reality show and later became the heroine of Mulla. Later, Meera Nandan acted in many Malayalam movies and became one of the leading Malayalam heroines.

Meera Nandan

Meera Nandan has gained a lot of fans in a short span of time. However, as the chances dwindled and she became a co-star, the actress left the film and moved to Dubai. The actor is currently working as a radio jockey in Dubai. At the same time, he is now away from film but he is very active on social media. Meera regularly shares her experiences with her fans through her Instagram account.

Meera Nandan Images

Now Meera Nandan has shared an interesting video on social media. The video was taken near the famous Palm Jumeirah beach in Dubai. There, the actor shared a video of himself jumping over and over on a wall. Anyway, all the posts of the star have been taken up by the fans celebrating this video as well. The video has already received many likes, comments and shares.

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