Meera Jasmine Back To Telugu After Ten Years

Meera Jasmine is the favorite heroine of Malayales. After a long hiatus, the actor has returned to Malayalam with Sathyan Anthikad’s film Maan. On her return, Meera is active not only in Malayalam but also in Telugu. Meera Jasmine is the heroine in the Telugu-Tamil film Vimanam.

By wishing Meera Jasmine on her birthday, the crew of the flight shared their happiness that the actress is also a part of it. Meera is returning to Telugu cinema after 10 years with Vimanam. Vimanam is produced by Zee Studios and Kiran Korapatti. Samudhar Kani is also reported to be playing the lead role. No further information about the film has been released. Meera Jasmine’s Telugu debut was the 2004 film Ammai Bagundi. Moksha, released in 2013, was Meera’s last film to hit the theaters. Meera Jasmine returned with the film Makal.