Meera Jasmine and Jayram’s Makal movie review


Makal Story

Juliet and her girl Aparna live in Kerala, while Juliet’s husband Nandan works abroad. Nandan chooses to move back to Kerala, and it changes the life of the mother and the daughter.

Makal Cast and Crew

Director: Sathyan Anthikad

Cast: Jayaram, Innocent, Meera Jasmine, Sreenivasan, Siddique, Sreedhanya, Balaji Manohar, Devika

Makal Review

Yes, Indian cinemas frequently prefer to depict the dad little girl relationship as a ‘exceptional bond,’ yet, in actuality, it tends to challenge, during the teen years. Particularly with defiant attributes setting inside the young lady’s brain and the father becoming upset, stressing for her wellbeing, reasonableness, ‘a decent future’ and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Sathyan Anthikad’s film Makal presents a dad and girl who share a stressed relationship after remaining separated for long from one another.

Nandan (Jayaram) moves back to Kerala from Dubai to be with his teen daughter Aparna also known as Appu (Devika) and his spouse Juliet (Meera Jasmine), who has not spent much time with him for quite a long time. His transfer brings a ton of changes into their warm, comfortable, and ‘free’ life. Makal shows how Appu and Nandan explore the nuances of the dynamic, ‘without adding extra sugar into the sugarcane juice,’ if a metaphor from the film can be borrowed.

The film can be an interesting story for some about the obstacles in interfacing or reconnecting with a parent after the ties are cut off out of the blue. Things twist crazy on and off and the characters battle to see one another, especially when the girls go through their monthly emotional zig zags and it’s good that the film touches upon these aspects.

All the lead entertainers have done their parts well however one individual who illuminates the screen with his simple presence, each and every time, is Naslen, who plays a youthful Romeo. His minutest of articulations, lines, and more are very engaging that his presence overshadows the others on the screen, at times. The tune Kanmaniye is likewise a delightful addition to the story.

The dramatic and sudden twist brought into the story for a new character’s entry adds some fun mystery halfway through in the second half, but the proceedings turn a bit melodramatic in some time. Forcing the story to go through such a development makes it slightly dull. Those who feel they might enjoy the story of a father and daughter paddling through a strained relationship to fix things can give Makal a try. 

Makal Rating

3 out of 5

Makal Trailer