Meena Say I Am Not Thinking About Marriage

Meena is an actress who has many fans regardless of language and age. For a few days, it was said that Meena is getting married for the second time on social media. At first, the actor did not respond to this. But now actress Meena herself has responded to this. ‘I still can’t believe that my husband is gone. I don’t understand how such a rumor can be spread by then. If the stories are good then I will focus on acting in films. Likewise, to give my daughter a better future, this is her goal which is important to me,’ says Meena.

Meena is an actress who rose to fame by acting in many South Indian films. The actress, who started acting at a young age, got married in 2009. At the end of March 2022, Meena’s husband got a lung infection. He was later admitted to the hospital for treatment. Vidyasagar, who was seriously hospitalized, will die in June 2022. Meena made many efforts to bring her husband back to life, but all failed. Soon after the departure of Vidyasagar, the actress returned to the movie location. At that time, the actor received a lot of criticism.

At the same time last day, actor Bailwan Ranganathan said that Meena might marry Tamil actor Dhanush. The actor said that they might get married in the month of July or live together. Both are forty years old. Ranganathan said that they can still get married and their bodies will not have such desires. Then the news went viral. Bailwan Ranganathan received a question from his fans saying that this is baseless news and that is he not ashamed of making such accusations.