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Meena Celebrating her new happiness, fans with greetings!

Meena is a star who chooses roles that are important for acting. He has been a star in Malayalam cinema for many years. The actor has gained a lot of fans. Now the actor is sharing his new happiness with the fans. Meena has completed forty years of her acting career. Meena also shared a beautiful video on her Instagram. Many fans came to share the joy of completing forty years of an acting career.


Meena has now shattered the stereotype that an actress cannot last long as a heroine. The actress, who has been the heroine from the beginning, is still in the lead role. She made his film debut as a child actor in 1981 and has been a part of many films since then. The actress acted as the heroine along with the child actors. Even in terms of beauty and acting, no other actress has been able to beat Meena to this day.

Did Meena was fall in love with Hrithik Meena open about it

Meena is the favorite star of the Malayalee audience. The actress, who came to the silver screen as a child actress, later became a favorite heroine of South Indian cinema. Meena, who shined in both Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, is still the lucky heroine of South Indian cinema. Very few actresses in South India get this fortune. After marriage, only mother roles are sought after by actresses. Meena, on the other hand, has similar heroines. Scene 2, which stars Meena as the heroine, received a good response from the fans.

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