Master Movie Review; The movie getting positive response from audience


Lokesh Kanagaraj has started the film with the introduction of the villain Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi). Authorities kill Bhavani’s family and send him to a reform school as a teenager. There Bhavani Eve turns into a ruthless tyrant. In one scene, Lokesh shows Bhavani having horns. Bhavani is trying to magnify his criminal empire with the space he has created. He uses minors in reform school.

Jedi (Vijay) arrives after telling Bhavani who he is. Jedi comes when he thinks that someone brave man will not come to suppress this Bhavani and save the boys. Jedi works as a professor in a college in Chennai. Professor circling with a wine flask in his pocket. He will always give advice and be ready to hit. Students celebrate Jedi. But the college administration is trying to oust him. Jedi goes to work at a juvenile correctional school by chance. It is a school controlled by Bhavani.

Will the Jedi, who thinks that the welfare of the students is important, face the culprit who uses them for their own selfish gain? Although it is a Vijay film rather than a master, Lokesh Kanagaraj film, the director has succeeded in giving a commercial film with Mass Hero. The reference to Vijay’s previous hit films is apt. Gilly’s picture comes to mind when he sees the reform school playing kabaddi. Some scenes in the film are very tempting. The action scenes in Master are very long compared to the previous films of Lokesh Kanagaraj. Not fascinating is the scene where Jedi and the sky (Andrea) who studied with him shoot arrows. The college scenes coming up for the Jedi are long.

There are a lot of supporting characters but to no avail. Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi’s performance is what sustains the film. Vijay’s dance is awesome. The scenes where Vijay gives advice are not heavy. Vijay Sethupathi attracts fans. His realistic performance enhances Bhavani’s brutal nature. The scenes where Jedi and Bhavani finally clash are the plus point.