Master Box Office Collection, In theater and prime at the same time

Master Box Office Collection Report
Master Box Office Collection Report

Vijay’s ‘Master’ received rave reviews from various linguistic industries across India as it was released under special circumstances. The first superstar film to hit the Indian screens after Covid’s break ‘Mastery’ had to fail only in North India. The film was a success in the southern Indian states including Kerala and in foreign markets. Now, on the 17th day of its release, the film has been released on Amazon Prime. It is also interesting to note that the film, which received a good response in theaters, was released on the OTT platform more than two weeks ago.

In the first two weeks, Master India earned a gross of Rs 186 crore. Net 158 ​​crores. Gross foreign exchange 45 crores. The total gross collection is 231 crores. With the film reaching prime, the theatrical collection in the coming days, especially this weekend, is something the Kollywood industry is eagerly awaiting. In the first week, the film grossed Rs 96.70 crore in Tamil Nadu alone. Housefull performances were also held over the weekend at several theaters in rural areas. Despite the OTT release, trade analysts expect the film to garner a better response in rural theaters for at least another week.

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Last year’s Pongal release was released more than a year ago in the backdrop of Master Kovid, which was supposed to hit theaters. Xavier Brito, the film’s producer, said that during this time there was a lot of pressure for a direct OTD release in anticipation of the film’s huge anticipation among fans. There were also rumors that talks were underway for a direct OT release of the film. But despite such an offer, the producer’s response was that they were adamant about the theatrical release. The producer had also said that Vijay was of the opinion that a theatrical release was needed. In any case, a different business model is at the forefront of the master film industry. The film, which has garnered a huge theatrical response, is a model that will be released by ODT after gaining a two-week collection. But it remains to be seen how the film industry will handle this.