Manoharam movie review: A Beautiful Picture Of Colour Spring

Once upon a time, artists who painted faces, painted cells, painted and painstakingly painted on huge canvas billboards along the sidewalks were a sight to behold. People who don’t care if the brush and paint on their hands are magical. With one click in the morning, all of these things were suddenly starting to flow into the marketplace, and the story of the frenzy became the only remaining life. The reason is that not all of them have been able to make the most of the investment in technology.

Manoharam Collection
Manoharam Collection

Manoharan (Vineet Sreenivasan) is a young artist who has come to the theater with the story of a man who is struggling with the craft of technology. His ubiquity is the ability to create designs that will surprise anyone. The technology inherited from his father. But with the help of technology, Manu’s journey to survival is only possible. Thus Manu Flex, the best painter, is focused on opening the manufacturing unit.
The film begins with the audience keeping in mind the question of what the Flex business is all about, as Flex is banned and the natural way to advertise. At the same time, the film is trying to convince the same audience that it is not a justification.

Manoharam movie review

Vineeth Sreenivasan is playing the role of an ordinary hero after Aravindan’s guests. Manu’s hauntings, as the name implies, portray the life of the advertising board painting workers who are often confined to a few dialogues in Malayalam cinema. It is a beautiful film that captures the magnitude of a business in the urban environment and the competition behind it.