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Manju Warrier was the first to call me, Bhavana, Malavika Jayaram and Sreelakshmi had called!

Manju Warrier and Bhavana with Bhagyalakshmi
Manju Warrier and Bhavana with Bhagyalakshmi

Bhagyalakshmi’s response to the scandal on social media was met with a backlash from many. Bhagyalakshmi and Diya Sana started using oil after learning that they had said bad things about Sugathakumari. The actor had come to tell me about the situation that led to such a reaction.


The response was mixed. Many said you did what we wanted you to do. Meanwhile, there were criticisms that the law was not taken into account. Bhagyalakshmi also spoke openly about the reactions from the film industry. Bhagyalakshmi was called by many including Manju Warrier and Bhavana.

The situation in which the plaintiff is the defendant

Bhagyalakshmi also spoke openly about the circumstances under which she had to take her laptop and mobile phone. The man said he would delete the YouTube video. The laptop and mobile phone were seized when it was learned that he had not done so. It was handed over to the police station. Bhagyalakshmi said that she did so in order not to destroy the evidence and not to create a situation where the plaintiff could become a defendant. Despite the evidence being handed over to the station, we have been charged with theft.


No complaint was filed

He had not filed a complaint against Vijay P Nair. Other women complained. This happened on the day the complaint was filed. Bhagyalakshmi says that if this had not happened then she would have lodged a complaint. Eight days after the complaint was lodged against Shanthivila Dinesh, no action was taken when other women lodged a complaint against Vijay P Nair. But when we responded, the case was filed against us within an hour. The case was registered under the non-bailable section. Bhagyalakshmi says that even the police felt that they were with the criminals.

Every woman

If this is the situation of Bhagyalakshmi and Diya Sana then every woman will think what will we do. That is what they all want. This is the action against those who shout and those who respond. The public has declared the most support. I don’t know about it because it is not on Facebook. Shanthivila Dinesh made the video insulting only me personally. If you are going to hit, you have to go there first. This time it was for the general public. Bhagyalakshmi says she would have been exhausted if it had not been for such support from the public.

Manju Warrier and Bhavana

This response has given me more strength and confidence. Many women from the film, Manju Warrier, Bhavana, Parvathi Jayaram, Malavika Jayaram and Sreelakshmi Sreekumar spoke on the occasion. Zeenat, Rajashree Warrier and Jayaram all spoke. Many women have been called upon to work in the film industry and in the public sphere. Directors Ranjith and B Unnikrishnan were all called. Shailaja teacher and AK Balan Sar spoke. Everyone said we were with you.

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