Manju is the first Malayalam actress to have her own electric post, do you know the reason?

Manju Warrier's name in electric post!

Everyone is amazed when they see the name of an actress in the electric post, we may wonder if the government’s electric post is Manju’s property, but the reason is just simple. This is the reason why actress Manju’s name came up in the electric post. The Transformer got its name from Manju because it is close to the actress’ house. Employees say that there are many other switches not only in Manju’s name but also in the name of such celebrities.


There is an electric post not only in the name of Manju but also in the name of Yusuf Ali Kecheri. The name of the AB switch on the transformer near Yusuf Ali’s house is Yusuf Ali. His name was added to the electric post in his honor after his death.

Manju Warrier upcoming movie
Manju Warrier upcoming movie

The naming thus helps in the smooth functioning of the staff of the board. The place is easy to identify when naming celebrities. At the same time, KSEB employees clarified that there is no connection between these celebrities and AB Switch.

Manju Warrier jumps on KSRTC bus, surprise crowd Video
Manju Warrier jumps on KSRTC bus, surprise crowd Video

Manju has signed eight films for 2021. The shooting of Mammootty’s much-awaited movie ‘The Priest’ was completed last day. The release of two films in the Kovid setting has been delayed despite the completion of filming.

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