Manju and Dileep wedding reception photos viral on social media

Manju Warrier is a film actress who has made her mark in the minds of the audience with her strong character. Most of the films he acted in were super hits. Here are some pictures of Manju’s wedding and his experiences. Anila has kept everything in her personal collection even though it is years old.

“I still remember Manju Warrier for the first time in a photoshoot. My friend and Kirsidam Unni’s wife, Sarcija, called for Manju’s makeup. From that time on, we began to cherish precious friendships. Manju is one of those rare people. People with a lot of honesty and integrity. I can’t forget the day I did the reception makeup for Manju.

After preparing 9 brides, we came to Kochi. It was then that Manju was ready. Usually when I get a bride ready, I feel good about myself. But that day was mingled with happiness. Because I knew that Malayalam cinema was going to lose another good actress. I would like to thank Manju for his friendship with me. Anila says you will be special to me forever.

Anila says that the first time she did makeup for a celebrity wedding was by preparing her for Parvati and Jayaram’s wedding. There are no actresses like Manju Warrier, Kavya Madhavan, Nazriya Naseem, Geetu Mohandas, Suchitra Murali, Gautami, Praveena, Chippy, Reshmi, Reenu Mathews, Namitha Pramod, Naila Usha, Bhavana, Nithya Das, Jyothirmayi.