Manikuttan’s family will face this legally, Arvind Krishnan

Manikuttan in Bigg Boss

The family is preparing to take legal action in the incident where the passport of actor Manikuttan was photoshopped and circulated. Manikuttan’s age-edited passport image has been circulating on some social media pages. The picture of the passport was circulated after it was edited to show that the actor was 39 years old. Manikuttan’s friend and actress Saranya’s husband Arvind Krishnan came out against this. Arvind Krishnan clarified that Manikuttan’s family will move legally in editing and circulating the passport which is the official ID card. Arvind revealed this by sharing pictures of Manikuttan’s real passport and fake.


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Words of Arvind Krishnan
Manikuttan’s passport is a post that has been lying around since this morning. Whether you are doing Photoshop or cleaning, the original date of birth is added. And the passport is an official ID card .. I know it is legally wrong to edit it .. So even if Mani’s family accepts the good news that it is preparing to face it legally .. Thank you. Hello.