‘Manikutta I Love You’; Soorya got emotional


BB was seen at home today with tears in her eyes as she could not understand her love for Manikutta despite repeated attempts. Sometimes I only get a little time to fall in love here. There are only a hundred days here. Here I can see Manikuttan telling Surya that once the week is over it can sometimes turn into a game plan for many and I don’t want that. Surya did not know what to say after hearing all this.

Surya then told Manikutta that Sajna had told her like a sister not to make a bad name just by saying, love. I wanted to say something to Surya saying “Manikkuttan …” but I could see him cutting the conversation in between saying “No”.

Surya had said that Feroz Khan would play as Manikuttan Manikuttan against Sai. After this, when the clock went off, the sun could be seen crying. Manikuttan was later found talking to Surya alone with tears in his eyes, wondering what he liked.

How can I say I like the clock and how it is expressed. I love you so much, what do you do now, I wrote the poem, said love with my eyes, and yet pretended not to see my love Manikuttan, Manikuttan was alone and said in the crowd that Surya was talking.