Man arrested after Amala Paul insinuate sexual harassment

A Chennai man has been purportedly captured, following performing artist Amala Paul’s grumbling that he bugged her sexually, while she was rehearsing for an up and coming show at Chennai.


The performing artist had recorded the police grumbling, asserting that the man, an outsider to her, entered the territory where she was rehearsing. The man requested sexual supports and talked as though he were leading sexual exchange, the performing artist had told media before. Amala recorded the dissension as she felt that she didn’t feel safe in her working environment. Amala was additionally frightened by the way that the man had been let in to the territory where she was, suspecting an insider’s assistance.

As indicated by reports, the captured man is one Azhakeshan, who has likewise professedly documented a grumbling, saying he was attacked by those from Amala’s side.

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